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Truly unique entertainment

Get your guests talking and laughing at your event. The magic that Mark performs can help you create a unique and memorable experience for your guests by showing his close up magic skills and wowing spectators whether it's making a card change in their own hands, or having a piece of their jewellery end up in his wallet... in someone else's pocket! (The guy on the picture was a bit of a skeptic...)

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Up close and personal

Close up magic is just that. Close up. No mirrors, no cameras just raw entertainment. Guests often comment that they have seen stuff like that on TV, but never up close... and they love it. It's really the perfect conversation starter and you can be sure your event will be buzzing by the time Mark is finished.

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5 Star Entertainment

Many of the 5 star reviews that are posted comment on how professional Mark is when entertaining. His act is finely tuned to give the best reactions but he is also a master at reading the guests. Not everyone will like the same kind of illusions, so Mark caters for everyone he can with a wide variety of magic from cards & coins, mentalism (Derren Brown style effects) and even tricks with lemons and an onion!

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Wedding magic.

Weddings are just amazing. Why not add a little extra magic to yours?

Where can wedding magic fit in?

Mark has performed at hundreds of weddings and can advise on some of the more suitable times for magic throughout the day.
Here are some of the benefits of magic at different times of the day, afternoon vs. evening.
Mark also has Public Liability Insurance covering him up to £5m which can be provided to your venue should they require it.
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The Daytime

After the wedding ceremony everyone will want a piece of you. You'll be like Wills & Kate (or Wills & Wills, or Kate & Kate) stepping onto the balcony of Buck Palace. Mayhem! The photographer will be pulling you here and there and gathering your family and friends around for the formal photos.

If you're staying at the same venue, they may want to turn the room around for the Wedding Breakfast. This is an ideal time for magic, as while you're off having photos, Mark can introduce himself and get the guests chatting.

Guests often mention at weddings of having not much to do while everyones standing around posing for photos, so some light entertainment is usually welcomed.

This can lead onto the wedding breakfast, where Mark can continue around the tables if required. This is also ideal as not everyone always knows each other at weddings or around the dinner table and magic can strike up good conversation, even between different tables.


The Evening

The evening is the most requested time for wedding magic for Mark. A lot of wedding couples will invite their evening guests to attend from 7pm (ish). So with that in mind, Mark can entertain your day guests a little before and then into the arrival of your evening guests throughout the evening.

The reason this works so well, is that once the daytime guests have experienced some magic, they want to tell other people... so who better than the evening guests. Mark then visits those groups again but with more people... and you have yourselves a wedding reception that's buzzing!

You can also hire Mark to be there for the arrival of your evening guests and into the night. Mark will stroll amongst your guests looking to get people chatting, laughing and in the mood to party!

Also worth noting that if Mark stays any longer, there are no additional costs, he is definitely not a clock watcher!


Mark works with some fantastic people at events that he attends. Here are a few he has worked with several times.


I can hand on heart say that Rich is by far the best DJ I have encountered at a wedding. (and he didn't even pay me to say that!) He watches the guests and reacts to what will get them up and dancing to make sure the dance floor stays full. Not only that be he's a nice guy, and you don't get any of the stereotypical DJ muffled talk. Take a look at his website where you can see a showreel too. What a handsome chap eh?

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DJ Hire

Stuart James Photography

I've had the pleasure of working with Stuart many times now, and the pictures used above (in the iPads) are provided by Stuart too. He started working with his dad Barry who has just retired and Stuart has learned everything he knows and also trained with film. He is a great documentary style photographer, capturing your day from angles where people aren't forcing the poses. His relaxed demeanour also helps people feel at ease when he is around.

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Nick Wiley Wedding Pianist

Nick offers his exceptional pianist skills for your wedding day. There isn't a song I haven't heard him be able to play yet, and if you have a particular request, he will learn it (and doesn't charge extra!) A genuinely nice person to be around, he will also talk to your guests to see if they have a particular song in mind too. Outstanding value for money, watch a video on his site for more.

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Platinum Wedding Cars

I've known Paul and his team for around 5 years now and their cars are truly stunning. The feedback they receive is just superb and if you meet them at one of the many wedding fayres they attend then you'll see for yourselves why they are so popular. They put a lot of love, care and attention into the cars. Take a look at their website or facebook page for further info.

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Wedding Cars

Sarah J James Photography & Videography

Sarah & Dave are a talented couple and have just entered the wedding industry to offer their photography and videography. They are personal friends of mine, having known them for over 13 years. The service they offer is incredible, and while they're building their wedding portfolio, they have some great offers on so be sure to check out their facebook page.

Facebook page
Photography & Video

Shepherd Photography

Eve & Jason are a super wedding couple. They did the photography at our wedding and we're so glad we chose them. They worked non-stop throughout the day from 8am through to almost midnight. Eve's dad, Bob Shepherd trained on film and has passed his knowledge down. Their eye for the perfect shot is incredible, and our photo album has the family in tears just remembering the day!

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